Aleph J

First Watt Aleph J Power Amplifier

It’s been about 9 months since the introduction of the First Watt
F1, and a few weeks since the introduction of the F2. Normally I
would wait a while before introducing another amplifier, but it
seems that the majority of potential customers request a more
regular kind of amplifier, something that can drive an ordinary
loudspeaker - “Just a few more watts and some damping”.
Meanwhile, it’s been about 13 years since I designed the Aleph 3,
and I have such affection for that series that I revisited the design.
I wanted to better address the customer who owns high efficiency
loudspeakers and maybe a tube preamp. From my experience
with small amplifiers I know that this person values the
naturalness and musicality of the amplifier’s sound over

The logical alternative is a high quality tube amp. Am I trying to
emulate a tube amplifier? No, but I make use of some of the
principles that make tubes sound good - simplicity and linearity.
Toward that end, I wanted to simplify the signal path and reduce
negative feedback without giving up on the measured

The Aleph J has about 15 dB less negative feedback than the
original and achieves comparable distortion, bandwidth, and
damping figures. It also has about 15 dB less noise. Those of
you with delicate tube preamps will be happy to see a 242 K ohm
input impedance with vanishing capacitance.
I consider it the best of the Aleph series.
Nelson Pass

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Adam Insanoff at: 19 November 2015 12.24 mengatakan...

What are those inductances? Is it for power supply?

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